"Non nobis tantum nati"

The Dutch are one big family. They all have Backyard as middle name. It is the consequence of living in a small country that measures 300 by 200 kilometres with around 17 million people. The land was conquered by defeating the sea which was an impressive achievement that took several centuries.Although very liberal and modern in their way of thinking and behaving when land and space are considered a kind of conservatism crops up. Understandably but nevertheless also a game stopper. This

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It is from a certain viewpoint astonishing how fast long term scenario’s can be hit sideways by actual developments. Less than a year ago the European Commission presented the new EU framework on climate and energy. The printer so to say is still copying the proposals, that have to be analyzed by each member state before a decisive consensus can be reached. It is obvious that sanctions against Russia as a reaction on the annexation of Crimea involving a decrease of gas and oil imports

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 The national borders as far as terrorism is concerned are replaced by concrete blocks on Christmas markets and other mass events. Together with more police or soldiers carrying machineguns instead of pistols these blocks form the last line of defense against radicalized individuals or a group of fanatics.In military terms this is called retreat, loss of ground or the last resistance. And yet it still goes wrong. Ancient experience learns that almost nothing offers sufficient

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Technology has deteriorated the moral results of warfare dramatically. More than ever in history the killing of civilians during wars outnumbers the loss of soldiers. The downing of the MH17, although afterwards may be a unforgivable mistake, is a recent example.The First World War can be seen at as a senseless battle in the trenches, better called self made graves, in the Second World War and its improved military technology the balance shifted to the other side. Not soldiers died in the

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Interessante artikelen

De filosofen disucssiëren al eeuwen over de vraag: wat is werkelijkheid of de werkelijkheid? Moderne natuurkundigen vullen die discussie aan, omdat telkens weer blijkt dat de werkelijkheid anders in e

Het hoge woord is eruit. De Grieken zeiden Nee. Onmiddellijk brak de onduidelijkheid los. Noud Wellink, oud-hoofdbestuurder van de Nederlandse Bank, die drie jaar geleden zei, dat Nederland c.q. de EU

Het is mijn mening, dat de neurowetenschappen en de genetica deze eeuw de toon zullen zetten. Anders gezegd: de vraag 'hoe genen en hersenen werken' komt niet van de agenda. We willen nu wel eens prec