"Non nobis tantum nati"

Technology has deteriorated the moral results of warfare dramatically. More than ever in history the killing of civilians during wars outnumbers the loss of soldiers. The downing of the MH17, although afterwards may be a unforgivable mistake, is a recent example.

The First World War can be seen at as a senseless battle in the trenches, better called self made graves, in the Second World War and its improved military technology the balance shifted to the other side. Not soldiers died in the concentration camps. Centres of cities were targets of air strikes. (i.e. Dresden and Rotterdam). Nagasaki and Hirosjima mark this reversal as no other deed. In the blitzkrieg of the US in Irak remarkable few soldiers died. In the years after this fast victory hundred of thousands citizens died none the less during the ongoing battle. It is not different in Syria, or Afghanistan or Gaza, where military forces of Hamas deliberately take shelter in citizens places like schools and even mosques. It is the same in the case of ISIS or terrorist assaults, often carried out by brainwashed youngsters. And the new balance shows in the tribe and regional wars in a number of African countries, where innocent civilians are by far the defenseless victims of armed forces.

Homo rapiens

In a one liner: where military press buttons, civilian people are downed. Technology brings us more and more advanced weaponry. There are arms producers no peacemakers. It looks like economy in the broadest sense is more aiming at arms than at products or services for peace. One can not make peace, it should be acted out. It seems to me that science more than ever should be directed towards the value of and the respect for human life. Medical science makes a goal of this, although prevention still can make progress. The legal discipline finds its values in justice and justifiable behavior , but the axiom that prevention is better than curing still is underdeveloped. Theology fails and shows the preaching of religious egoism and superiority. Just to mention three examples. It is time to start a new scientific discipline and its operational execution: the discipline of the Golden Rule, but this time concerning products, services and knowledge of practical applications, worked out just as detailed as precision rockets and rancorous language. Call it Aurology.

This discipline should give a follow up to the ruthless evolution of adaptation to survive, mainly meaning driving out or killing other living creatures and the biologic rule of eat or be eaten. Surviving from this day onwards requires a mental adaptation rather than a physical one. From eat or be eaten to know or become unknown. The Golden Rule as constitution of the mind science. Free of the values of the old thinking, but funded on our knowledge of history, the need for higher morality and our acquired insight. Only then can we speak of the homo sapiens instead of a homo rapiens.

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