"Non nobis tantum nati"

 The national borders as far as terrorism is concerned are replaced by concrete blocks on Christmas markets and other mass events. Together with more police or soldiers carrying machineguns instead of pistols these blocks form the last line of defense against radicalized individuals or a group of fanatics.

In military terms this is called retreat, loss of ground or the last resistance. And yet it still goes wrong. Ancient experience learns that almost nothing offers sufficient protection against an individual that is willing to sacrifice himself.

We can rephrase the problem. What does this action means in terms of peace? This is the limit? Accept our lack of resistance as a symbol of our non-violent intentions? Feel welcome in our midst as long as you leave your weapons at home? Or is there a hidden feeling of debt related to our violent actions in your homeland?

One who wants to understand the other has to step in his shoes. So the question ‘What drives you, terrorist?’ is a way to turn the other cheek.

This is far from a military strategy. It is neither a peace strategy, for if you don’t know the roots of rage or the reason for rage of the terrorist the invitation to drink a cup of tea can be understood as bending your head for the final strike.

Who wants to prevent acts of violence and murder must remove the reason for rage and fanatism. All the more if one is part of this situation.

If one knows the reason, one can ask oneself ‘what would I do’ in similar circumstances. Only then the difficult process of mutual understanding arises. The problems will not vanish overnight. Revanche has a strong memory. But until this day the world has no better thoughts or solutions.

Which actions or rather ways of thinking and appropriate actions pave the way to peace? I think I know. These are concrete blocks against ignorance, against illogic, against mind poisoning leaders. What we need are defenders of reason. More than ever this should be an essential part of school education all over the world.

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